Yancey Boys

Yancey Boys

2008 | 1 Release

Delicious Vinyl is proud to announce the release of “The Throwaway” — the new single by Yancey Boys featuring Frank Nitt, produced by the late great J Dilla.

A digital-only release, “The Throwaway” is the initial offering from from what J Dilla Music Catalogue Curator Frank Nitt has dubbed ‘The Lost Scrolls’ — previously unreleased productions from the considerable body of work Dilla left behind. This particular premium production has been laced with new verses and hooks from Illa J (Dilla’s younger brother) and Frank Nitt (Frank & Dank).

Dilla heads, fear no retreads. “The Throwaway” is a keeper. A heady grid of battle drums and keyboards cascade as Illa J steps up: “I’m so sick with the flow the doctor said I had the flu/ they saw my eye of the tiger and sent me to the zoo….”

“When Illa J played me what he’d done with Dilla’s track, I thought it was incredible,” says Frank Nitt. “I was suggesting other MC’s who could jump on the track, but Illa told me he wanted me to rhyme on it, so who was I to disagree?” Indeed, Frank’s verse is well worth it: “I am the beacon for which you came forth/ I light up the path / I am the damn torch/ so you can do it right or get burned…”

“Fact is, a lot of beats Dilla made were on tapes or discs that weren’t always labeled with the date,” explains Frank Nitt. “But I believe the beat for ‘The Throwaway’ dates from the mid-’90s, just from the tempo and where Dilla was at creatively. To me it feels like the heat he was giving the Pharcyde at that time.”

As Dilla’s disciples are well aware, Delicious Vinyl has significant history with the producer. In the mid-’90s, Dilla (then known as Jay Dee) placed his first beats on an official release on The Pharcyde album Labcabincalifornia (including the hit single “Runnin’”) and remixes for Brand New Heavies. In 2009, Dilla’s younger brother John “Illa J” Yancey laced a cache of previously unreleased Jay Dee beats to create the critically and popularly acclaimed Delicious Vinyl album Yancey Boys.

Now here comes “The Throwaway” — throwback fast rap, right on time.

When Jay Dee passed away from complications relating to lupus in February 2006, he left behind an extraordinary legacy of production work, including hits for Common, Janet Jackson, and Busta Rhymes. One mother lode of previously untouched beats dates from his time working on the Pharcyde’s sophomore album, Labcabincalifornia (Delicious Vinyl, 1995). As Delicious Vinyl owner and founder Michael “Mike Floss” Ross explains: “From ’95 through ’98 Jay Dee was my go-to guy for hot beats and remixes. He was always making beats, always. So there was a select amount of tracks that he composed for me during that time, tracks as good as anything he’d done, only they never got used. When I finally met Illa J last year, I gave him a CD containing those unreleased beats.”

In a case of pure serendipity, 21 year-old Illa J had just relocated from Detroit to Los Angeles and constructed a studio built using Jay Dee’s recording equipment. He dubbed it Yancey Boys Studios in tribute to their fraternal bond. “Dilla was 12 years older than me,” Illa J says. “So back in the day in Detroit I was just a little kid, sitting on the stairs in our house, watching him make those first beats for Slum Village. I always felt my brother’s tracks and had an instinct for what I wanted to do over them.” When Illa J set to work in early ’08 recording his debut solo LP, the project flowed quickly as he entered the proverbial can’t miss zone. The name of the studio rightly became the title of the finished album, Yancey Boys.

Frank Nitt, well known as half of mad sturdy Detroit duo Frank’n’Dank, has recently been hanging out in L.A. with John “Illa J” Yancey, younger brother of legendary producer James “Jay Dee aka J Dilla” Yancey. As Delicious Vinyl readied the release of Illa J’s Dilla-produced debut LP Yancey Boys in 2009, Frank started playing Delicious Vinyl boss Michael “Mike Floss” Ross a smattering of new tracks.

“Frank’s incredibly prolific,” says Floss. “He was playing me songs he’d recorded in the past six months, and when I heard ‘L.O.V.E.’ I knew it was a song I wanted to put out. Combining Terrace’s sparkling West Coast sound with the perspective that Frank brings as a native Detroit MC, topped off with a beautiful hook by J.Black and you got yourself a party starter. The fact that this cut’s for the ladies just shows we got our priorities straight!”

Floss isn’t the only one to fall in love with “Love.” When producer Terrace Martin played the unfinished song to West Coast legend DJ Quik, Quik quickly volunteered his mixing and mastering skills as well as contributing a verse to the finished version. Because sometimes you can only beat the heat with more heat. Though it helps to have a swimming pool too.

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