The Whoridas

The Whoridas

1997 | 8 Releases

In 1995 King Saan and Mr Taylor began making ripples out of the Bay Area underground with their debut “Shot Callin’ & Big Ballin’.”

When regional sales of the infectious single topped 50,000, Delicious Vinyl suitably took notice of this fast-rising duo out of West Oakland: The WhoRidas. Their debut album Whoridin’ was released in 1997, featuring gritty rhymes, booming bass-lines, and Bay Area references. Their sophomore album High Times was released in 1999, featuring tracks such as “Godfather” and further displaying their deft ability to juxtapose humor, menace, wild partying, and sobering insights.

After the release of High Times, King Saan adopted the moniker Chop Black and relocated to L.A. to pursue his solo career.

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Delicious VinylWhoridin'

by The Whoridas, 1997

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The Whoridas

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