The Wascals

The Wascals

1994 | 6 Releases

A cackling “Welcome to the Wascal Castle” opens up “Big Sh*t, Battleship,” the first track on The Wascals’ Greatest Hits, inviting listeners into the group’s warped adolescent world.

Layered over producer J-Sw!ft’s rolling, jazz-drenched beats, the cheeky quartet are known for throwing out their signature, audacious rhymes. Frequently dubbed as the ‘baby Pharcyde’, the group consists of members Bucwheed, Spit-Anky, Alfalfa, and St. Imey. Allusions to The Little Rascals of the Our Gang films are in tune with the group’s youthful energy and raps full of school-boy boasts and fantasies. Epitomised by 1994’s video for “Class Clown,” wherein The Wascals play the ultimate high-school jokers, tearing up corridors and class-rooms in old-school black and white film.

The groups first LP, Greatest Hits, was released in 2007 and includes their first single from ‘94, the twisted and bass-heavy “The Dips,” as well as gems “Hard Rhymes” and the tripped out “Dream & Imaginate,” which features Fatlip (formerly of The Pharcyde).

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