Master Ace

Master Ace

1992 | 11 Releases

Alongside an array of Juice Crew MCs, Masta Ace made a memorable debut on Marley Marl’s legendary “The Symphony.” And, after making several appearances on Marley Marl’s In Control, Ace released his first album Take A Look Around on Marl’s Cold Chillin’ label in 1990.

Then, after visiting Los Angeles and taking great inspiration from the West Coast scene, Ace teamed up with Delicious Vinyl and released his concept masterpiece Slaughtahouse in 1993, with the I.N.C. crew. Described as a “rebuttal” to the prominent gangsta trend of the time, Slaughtahouse featured singles such as “Jeep Ass Nigga” and “Slaughtahouse.” Following on from Slaughtahouse, Ace released Sittin’ on Chrome in 1995, which featured classic joints such as “Born To Roll,” “Sittin’ on Chrome,” and “I.N.C Ride.”

Masta Ace’s recognisable style of rap is at once full of complex rhymes, on-point content, and stylish delivery. In 2001 Ace released Disposable Arts, which may not have achieved sales parallel to earlier albums, but received high critical acclaim and a positive response from fans. Having released a string of albums since his time with Delicious Vinyl, A Long Hot SummerThe ShowArts & Entertainment, and MA Doom: Son of Yvonne, Ace remains as active and relevant to audiences as ever.

Delicious Vinyl

Delicious VinylWake Me When I'm Dead

by Master Ace, 1992

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Long time Brooklyn, New York based hip-hop MC.

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