DVTV Compilation Vol 1 : Jansport J Q&A

09.03.13 / Featured

To mark a flourishing first year and continue to celebrate the artists that DVTV has had the pleasure of spotlighting, Delicious Vinyl have expertly curated DVTV Compilation Vol 1. The twelve track compilation features a mix of unreleased exclusives and special rarities from a selection of the fine guests that have graced the DVTV airwaves. And to further enlighten listeners, we are talking to each artist in a series of Q&A features about their music and how they came to the Delicious Vinyl HQ.

Next up we have: Jansport J.

Introduce Yourself.

My name is Jansport J, and I’m a soul sample-based music producer out of Covina, CA.

When did you play DVTV?

I believe I played back in November 2012. I was #24, which happens to be my favourite number and my High-School basketball number.

How would you describe “Hard To Remember”?

“Hard to Remember” is something a little different from me, which hopefully people will like. At the time I was attempting to make beats that had a similar feel to the Native Tongues era with an R&B twist, and that’s one of the joints that I came up with.

Do you have a favourite track on the compilation?

I love the Zzyzzx joint. Cazal is a prodigy. He’s so wise beyond his years, and it’s scary to imagine where he’ll go. Sky is the limit. And Mellow Man Ace is the O.G. I love their joint.

Is there anyone who you would love to see play DVTV?

I’d love to see my man Willie B from TDE’s Digi+Phonics on there. He’s one of my favourite producers ever. Hopefully we can make that happen soon.

How did you first discover or learn about Delicious Vinyl as a label?

I’ve always had the music from DV around me, even before I really knew of the label. “Bust A Move” was the first tape I can remember having. Here’s a story I’ve never really told: I put out my first album in 2008, and I wrote down on a Microsoft word document about five labels that I dreamed of being on. I took down their demo submission info and everything. Delicious Vinyl was one of those labels. It’s a blessing to have the close relationship that I now have with them.