DVTV Compilation Vol 1 : Chico Sonido Q&A

09.09.13 / Featured

To mark a flourishing first year and continue to celebrate the artists that DVTV has had the pleasure of spotlighting, Delicious Vinyl have expertly curated DVTV Compilation Vol 1. The twelve track compilation features a mix of unreleased exclusives and special rarities from a selection of the fine guests that have graced the DVTV airwaves. And to further enlighten listeners, we are talking to each artist in a series of Q&A features about their music and how they came to the Delicious Vinyl HQ.

Next up we have: Chico Sonido.

Introduce Yourself?

I’m Chico Sonido, music producer and DJ.

When did you play DVTV?

It was one of the first sessions…

How would you describe “Vinyl 95”? When and how did you record it?

“Vinyl 95” is a beat I made recently during the sessions for my new album. I made it in one day, and it is a bit old school sounding compared to my new stuff. I didn’t use it on the album but I think it is good for this compilation. I consider it a hip-hop instrumental; a backing track for rappers.

Do you have a favourite track on the compilation?

I like the Free The Robots track, and Cazal and Mellow Man Ace are family.

How did you first discover or learn about Delicious Vinyl as a label?

I remember being a big fan of Mellow Man Ace, Tone Loc, and Young MC in the early nineties as a teen. Then when I started DJing and digging for records in the early 2000s I found all those DV twelve-inches in Mexican discotheques. By that time people were getting rid of their record collections, so  I would sneak in and take those records from the old clubs from the eighties. Those were a part of my first vinyl collection. I didn’t even start DJing with vinyl until a few years after that, but that’s when I started learning about record labels and producers. I became a big fan of Matt Dike and Mike Ross’ production style and also the label. I even had a Delicious Vinyl t-shirt from the first time they reissued them more than ten years ago.