DVTV Compilation Vol. 1 : Jay Curry Q&A

08.28.13 / Featured

To mark a flourishing first year and continue to celebrate the artists that DVTV has had the pleasure of spotlighting, Delicious Vinyl have expertly curated Delicious Vinyl TV Compilation Vol 1. The twelve track compilation features a mix of unreleased exclusives and special rarities from a selection of the fine guests that have graced the DVTV airwaves. And to further enlighten listeners, we are talking to each artist in a series of Q&A features about their music and how they came to the Delicious Vinyl HQ.

First up we have: Jay Curry.

Introduce Yourself?

Yo, my name is Jay Curry.

When did you play DVTV?

I played DVTV on the 11th of May, 2012, and was the first artist to play the show.

Tell us about your track “St.Croix.”

When I made “St Croix,” I was going for more of a laid-back feel. I don’t know why but the island of St. Croix automatically jumped in my head, so I just stuck with it.

Do you have a favourite track on the compilation?

I guess my favourite track on the compilation would be that Jansport J cut, “Hard To Remember

Is there anybody who you would love to see play DVTV?

I think it would be ill to see Yung AOL play DVTV.

When did you first discover or learn about Delicious Vinyl the label?

Like most, I first heard about Delicious Vinyl when I was pretty young. Being a Long Beach native I had seen the logo everywhere, so when I actually researched the label I saw the great roster and found out the aesthetic it was about.