Delicious Vinyl x Mixcloud 2 : Cazal Organism

06.20.13 / Featured

The Mixcloud crew were out in L.A. last month, so whilst they were in town we teamed up with our extended U.K. family for an epic all-day DJ jam. The Mixcloud in L.A. party took place on Saturday 25th May down at the DV Shop (6611 Sunset Blvd) with great music, plenty of drinks, and classic Cali good-vibes. On the turntables we had DV crew residents, including Chily T, Cee Brown, and Cazal Organism, plus friends from Soulection, Team Supreme, The Melt, Soul Circle Radio and more, all serenading Sunset Boulevard with the dopest of DJ sets.


The event was live streamed via DVTV, and, over the next few weeks we will be sharing the various recordings alongside some exclusive Q&As with those who took part. For the second part of the series, Mixcloud in LA #02, we have a live set from our very own Cazal Organism.


I am .. Cazal Organism a.k.a. Black Jesus. Full-time producer, part-time MC, from L.A.


I be .. finishing up my first solo album, which is majority instrumental, and I started up a solo rap album as well. Also I’m finishing my dad’s solo album, and it looks like I’m doing half or more of the new Jarobi White (of A Tribe Called Quest) album.


First mixtape I made was .. I actually haven’t ever made a mixtape! I want to do a cool two hour mix over summer though. I would really love to do some stuff for Dublab and BTS Radio.


The most Delicious record I own is .. Isao Tomita’s Snowflakes Are Dancing. The most soothing synth music I’ve ever heard.


The hottest beatmaker or DJ in L.A. right now is .. Illest producers in L.A.? Off the top that’s the big bro Flying Lotus and Knxwledge right now, and probably for a long time. Lotus is master arranger of sounds period, Knx is sample chop king, got Ableton sounding like an SP12 with a S950 filter. Both of those flavors are sacred and extremely inspiring. Hope one day cats mention me in the same sentence as them.


Mixcloud in LA #02: Cazal Organism by Delicious Vinyl on Mixcloud